Dedicated to your learning

I am Dr Rohan Agarwal and I have a passion for teaching. To help students achieve their goals, I co-founded a leading consultancy for university admissions, authored more than fifty books on university applications and I am a Strategic Advisor for Teacher of Tomorrow.


UniAdmissions is an educational consultancy that specialises in helping students with their applications for competitive courses (Medicine & Law) and competitive universities (Oxford & Cambridge). I am the Co-founder and Managing Director.


Erudical is a leading course that aims to help teachers improve their skills, assess critical teaching situations and execute plans an strategies to enhance their students' learning.

Oxbridge Society

The Oxbridge Society aims to bring together tutors from Oxford and Cambridge in an academic and social environment to promote a culture of continuous learning and professional development.

Amazon Author

I have authored over fifty books on university admissions and exams. I'm also author of the bestselling series “The Ultimate Guide”.

The Tutors Association

Member of The Tutors Association, an important community of professional tutors.

IMAT School

I am Co-Founder at IMAT School, a consultancy that specializes in preparing students for the IMAT test.